Yami Gautam believes ‘Defeat help you become stronger’

Yami Gautam shares her insight on success

Yami Gautam has completed 5 years in Industry and her mantra is Defeat help you become stronger.

This year, her film Kaabil alongside Hrithik Roshan was a huge success. The actress is very content with the pace of her career. In a recent interview with Hindustan Times discussed her attitude after success.

She said, ‘I feel that I have grown a lot, not just as an actor but even as person. Today, I have priorities and I know what I am doing, so I am in a happy space. With experience and confidence, my attitude has changed. ‘

She discussed her insecurities associated with career, ‘Moreover, I have been through a phase — not that it can never happen again in the future — where your films don’t do well. When that happens, you feel embarrassed to talk to the media, wondering what to say, about comparisons, etc.’

Addressing her growth, she added, ‘But today, I feel I am over that feeling. I think failure is important in life as it helps you understand the value of things. The moment you get confident and don’t shy away from it, you become stronger.’

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