When 4 Siblings From The Same Family Cracked UPSC Within 3 Years

Yogesh was the first one to crack UPSC in 2013.

All four siblings, belonging to the Mishra family from Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, have cracked the UPSC exam.

UPSC is considered one of the toughest exams in India. The exam is conducted in three stages, the first stage is the Prelims, the next is the Mains and the third one is the Interview stage. Many candidates get through the first and the second stage of the exam but get rejected at the third one. This happens with most of the candidates preparing for the Civil Services examination. Today, we are going to tell you about a family in which not one but four of the siblings passed the UPSC. Let us know about the family.

This family belongs to Uttar Pradesh in which all four siblings have cracked the exam, becoming an IAS-IPS officer. This is the Mishra family from Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh. The family’s head Anil Mishra used to live in a two-room house with his wife. They had four children, two sons and two daughters. Their names are Yogesh, Lokesh, Madhavi and Kshama. Anil Mishra is a manager at Rural Bank. He always wished that all four of his children would grow up to become officers and make him proud. That’s why he worked very hard for his children and sent them for better education.

On the other hand, his children were also very studious. At first, the elder son Yogesh started preparing for the Civil Services Examination. After this, all the siblings in the family joined the UPSC preparation. Yogesh was the first one to crack the examination, he became an IAS officer in 2013. After this, the other siblings started preparing for the same examination and worked hard. Madhavi Mishra was selected the very next year i.e. in 2014. She secured the All India 62 rank. Madhavi is the second child after Yogesh to become an IAS. After this, Lokesh achieved success by securing the 44th rank in 2015, becoming an IAS. Lokesh completed his degree in engineering from IIT Delhi. He had studied Sociology as an optional subject, which was the same subject as his brother Yogesh. The youngest of the four siblings, Kshama Mishra also cracked the exam in 2015. She secured 172 AIR and became an IPS officer. Within three years, all four siblings became IAS-IPS which is considered one of the most prestigious jobs in India.

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