WhatsApp’s new feature to give it a ‘modern look’


The picture shows the logo of WhatsApp. — Unsplash
The picture shows the logo of WhatsApp. — Unsplash

Meta-owned WhatsApp, which keeps bringing changes to its application for a better experience, is once again working on a new feature. 

— WaBetaInfo
— WaBetaInfo

According to WaBetaInfo, the instant messaging app is bringing a translucent effect to the tab bar for a future update. 

The feature, known as the translucent effect, is under development and not yet available to beta testers.

Previously, it was reported that WhatsApp plans on bringing a different design where several sections appear with rounded corners and small margins around the edges. 

However, the app is also bringing a change to its interface — the translucent effect. This new update will give the application a “modern look” which would be pleasing to the eye. 

WhatsApp previously decided to remove the translucent effect, however, this time it is working on the tab bar which would definitely look more elegant.


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