‘Vociferous’ Princess Diana would have ‘never’ missed King Charles coronation

Princess Diana would have “outshone” her ex-husband King Charles’ coronation ceremony if she were alive today and would have never skipped such a historic event.

Paul Burrell, former butler of Diana, told GB News that she the late Princess would have turned heads and made headlines with her graceful appearance at Charles’ crowning ceremony.

“I think she would have attended,” Burrell said of the former Princess of Wales.

“I think she would have looked stunning. She would have outshone everyone — much to the anger of some — but she would have done it with grace,” he added.

Paul went on to add that he does not think that the Diana “would pass up such an event.”

“[Diana was] such a vociferous member of the royal family, so proud of her sons being part of the royal family, and proud of the monarchy,” Paul said referring to Prince William and Prince Harry.

The butler also claimed that the late Princess “would have moved on” and “would have found love” with someone else.

Meanwhile, the Duke of Sussex has landed in London to attend his father’s crowning ceremony leaving his wife Meghan Markle behind with kids, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

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