Sat. Mar 18th, 2023

Toni Collette recently revealed that she wasn’t comfortable with the Intimacy Coordinators as they made her “more anxious” when filming love scenes

In an interview with the London Times newspaper, Toni Collette shared that she had asked intimacy coordinators to leave from set at one time

Collette, who stars in The Power, coming to Prime Video on March 31, said, “I think it’s only been a couple of times where they’ve been brought in, and I have very much trusted and felt at ease with the people I was working with.”

She continued, “It just felt like those people who were brought in to make me feel more at ease were actually making me feel more anxious. They weren’t helping, so I asked them to leave.”

Collette, whose career spans over three decades, had her breakout role in 1994’s Muriel’s Wedding.

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