Tina Turner’s fans angry at Beyonce, Jay-Z for mocking her abuse in ‘Drunk In Love’

The 2013 song referenced the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband Ike Turner

Fans of the legend Tina Turner have tuned their anger towards Beyonce and Jay-Z for misusing her experience of abuse in their song Drunk In Love. The 2013 song referenced the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband Ike Turner.

The 83 year old singer whose real name is Anna Mae Bullock tragically passed away in her home in Switzerland due to a long unspecified illness. Her passing is what caused the reference to her in the song to come to light, with the lyrics reading:

“I’m Ike, Turner, turn up / Baby no I don’t play / Now eat the cake, Anna Mae / I said eat the cake, Anna Mae.”

One fan tweed their response to the song, writing: “a tragic example of #TinaTurner being mocked & her abuse being dismissed.”

These lyrics reference a documented moment when the singer was eating at a diner with her husband and was asked by some fans to give her an autograph, but not him. The man then grew aggressive and forced cake into her mouth, saying: “Eat the cake, Anna Mae!”

The moment was then adapted into the 1993 biopic What’s Love Got To Do With It where Turner, played by Angela Bassett and Ike, played by Lawrence Fishburne, get into an argument which leads to him forcing her to eat cake at a diner.

One fan wrote: “I still can’t get over Jay Z saying ‘eat the cake Anna Mae, eat the cake’ on ‘Drunk In Love’. When I found out that it was reference to Ike forcing Tina to eat literal cake..a damn shame… “

“Still mad at beyonce and jay z for that tina turner abuse reference… I love Bey but she rubs me the wrong way sometimes. How is Tina Turner one of your biggest inspirations but you were ok with Jay Z using that line in Drunk in Love…,” wrote another.

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