Senior royals ‘fear’ Prince Harry memoir to cause ‘irrevocable damage’

Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir Spare will cause “Irrevocable damage to the reputations” of the Royal Family, claimed the royal author.

Omid Scobie – the author of Finding Freedom warned of a fallout “no matter how carefully” the Duke “shares the parts of his story involving others” in his book.

The author shared that his source told him of senior members’ fears. Royal aides told the author that the bombshell memoir will “cause irrevocable damage to reputations and relations”.

In his piece for Yahoo! News, the royal author noted that “there is still the very real risk of serious blowback from the institution and family.”

“Palace aides recently told me about the ‘genuine fear’ amongst senior members that this book will cause irrevocable damage to reputations and relations.”

“But, for Harry, Spare’s larger intention appears to make that risk worth taking.”

He further explained: “I’ve worn many hats over the years, both literally and figuratively, and my hope is that in telling my story – the highs and lows, the mistakes, the lessons learned – I can help show that no matter where we come from, we have more in common than we think.

“I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to share what I’ve learned over the course of my life so far and excited for people to read a firsthand account of my life that’s accurate and wholly truthful,” he added.

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