Salma Hayek admits feeling ‘anxious’ as there’s ‘less time ahead’

Salma Hayek is all geared up to rule over fans’ heart one more time in Puss in Boots movie but the actor admitted feeling ‘anxious’.

During her conversation with OK!, the Frida actor said that she was a “little nervous” about playing the character again as the movie did “really well”.

She expressed: “But it was fantastic this time too – in fact, I think it’s so much better because Kitty is sassier, bossier and her stunts are greater.”

“As you get older, you get more anxious. I’m more wise now, but little things that didn’t bother me before bug me.

“If I get a window seat on the plane, I am not as claustrophobic now because I just want to get there, maybe because I’m anxious that there’s less time ahead. I meditate and that helps me a lot,” Salma added.

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