Royal family estate in Norfolk targeted, King Charles lambs taken away: report

Three women, called the activists, have allegedly targeted the royal family estate in Norfolk and taken away lambs from King Charles’s Sandringham Estate, according to a new report.

On Wednesday night, the activists trespassed onto the royal estate, emerging on Thursday with three lambs. They drove off with three ships from the estate, according to GB News.

Footage, shared by some outlets, shows the women running onto the farm, picking up a lamb before turning around and carrying it to the van.

A picture is also making rounds on social media, with the activists holding up signs: “I rescued the King’s Sheep.”

In another clip, “the activists” can be seen sitting in the field watching the grazing sheep as they eat. The incident has sparked a backlash from some viewers of the online clips.

Reacting to the incident, Ryan Johnson said: “Stealing from farmers and taking lambs from their mothers is disgraceful and pathetic.”

Another, named Annette Scannell, reacted: “I hope you didn’t take them from their mothers?

They added: “If so, you should have rescued their mothers too,” asking: “Where will the lambs be looked after?”

Sandringham Estate is a private residence of the royal family near Norfolk, England. Queen Elizabeth inherited the property from her family in 1952, with Prince Philip taking charge of the home’s management and upkeep. With generations of history linked to the British Monarch since 1862, it remains the private country retreat to the monarchs the King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

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