Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Prince Harry reminisces about the moment Meghan Markle went into labor. 

Recalling in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex admits his wife had to go through a lot of induction before Archie came into the world.

He pens: “Her doctor came back two hours later, slipped both hands into a pair of rubber gloves. This is it, everybody. I stationed myself at the head of the bed, holding Meg’s hand, encouraging her. Push, my love. Breathe. The doctor gave Meg a small hand mirror. I tried not to look, but I had to. I glanced, saw a reflection of the baby’s head emerging. Stuck. Tangled.”

Harry adds: “ Oh, no, please, no. The doctor looked up, her mouth set in a particular way. Things were getting serious. I said to Meg: My love, I need you to push. I didn’t tell her why. I didn’t tell her about the cord, didn’t tell her about the likelihood of an emergency C-section. I just said: Give me everything you’ve got. And she did. I saw the little face, the tiny neck and chest and arms, wriggling, writhing. Life, life—amazing! I thought, Wow, it really all begins with a struggle for freedom.”

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