Mon. Mar 13th, 2023

Prince Harry paid heartfelt tribute to his mother Princess Diana, saying that the fight against HIV was a “big piece of my mum’s legacy”.

In a message marking the 40th anniversary of the Terrence Higgins Trust sexual health charity, the Duke of Sussex has recalled his mother’s ground-breaking awareness-raising efforts, saying he was proud “to continue her advocacy”.

“Like many, my mother grew up in a world where HIV was likely a death sentence,” wrote Prince Harry in a message to the charity.

The Duke continued: “Yet, in the midst of all that uncertainty, she led with empathy, finding the humanity in all around her and demonstrating the power of connection in the face of fear.”

Harry said the goal was to end transmissions of HIV – and emphasised the importance of testing and “eradicating stigma”.

“Though the last 40 years have shown significant progress, we cannot slow down now, we must finish the job,” wrote Prince Harry, in a message to the Terrence Higgins Trust.

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