Piers Morgan wants Meghan Markle to ‘shut up’ and ‘go have your freedom’

Piers Morgan wants Meghan Markle and Prince to leave the royal family alone.

Speaking on his show Uncensored, the former GMB host iterated Meghan and Harry have a long way to go before the can reconcile with the royal family, especially Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Piers began: “I didn’t see William giving Harry a single glance the entire time they were seen in public let alone Kate and Meghan.


He added: “It looked to me like they were putting this show on to do it for their grandmother and credit to them for being able to do that but the enmity between them all is incredibly real. I mean it is not invented by the media.

Journalist Emily Sheffield then added: “King Charles and the Prince of Wales have done the right thing which is to put the olive branch out because they need to be the grownups in the room.

She continued: “Meghan and Harry, b*itching about the royal family, they need to neutralise that and they need to do it fast.

Piers replied: “The need to shut up. They left the duty and country for freedom, so go and have your freedom.


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