Paul Schrader adds his two cents to AI writing amid WGA strike

Paul Schrader adds his two cents to AI writing amid WGA strike

The use of artificial intelligence in screenwriting, is among the several controversial issues plaguing the WGA members who demand that AI should be regulated.

Members of the Writers Guild of America have been striking for fairer compensation among other issues in a climate dictated by technological progression.

Adding to the debate filmmaker and influential Facebook personality Paul Schrader wrote on the platform:

“The Guild doesn’t fear AI as much as it fears not getting paid. Burrow into that logic. It’s apparent that AI will become a force in film entertainment” Schrader wrote.

“Do you need a new episode of ‘CSI: Vegas?’ ChapchatGPT [sic] will deliver that in a matter of seconds. And it will be good, it will cull all the episodes of CSI for the last 20 years and come up with something both generic and contemporary.”

Schrader further stipulated that writers will be the first to jump onto the AI bandwagon. Summarisi9ng the writers’ position he added:

“If a WGA member employs AI, he/she should be paid as a writer. If a producer uses AI to create a script, they must find a WGA member to pay.”

Schrader has famously drafted scripts for “Taxi Driver” and directed movies like “American Gigolo” and “First Reformed.” He is known for sharing his two cents on sensitive topics in Hollywood.

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