Thu. Mar 16th, 2023

Oscar winner Ke Huy Quan expresses gratitude to ‘Goonies’ co-stars following his win

Everything Everywhere All at Once actor Ke Huy Quan expressed gratitude to his Goonies co-stars after wining Oscar for best supporting actor on Sunday.

Speaking to the press at Oscars backstage, following his win for the best supporting actor, he expressed that he owes his Goonies co-actors for his success.

Quan, 50, noted that his Goonies co-stars have been especially supportive of his career resurgence. He played the role of Data, who was an invention geek in the much anticipated film of 1983.

When the actor was asked what his younger self would make of where he is now, he responded, “My younger self would not know all the struggles that I went through to be here. He was just having the time of his life being a kid, being on a set, being on a pirate ship, going on a water slide. But right before this night started, Corey Feldman, one of my Goonies brothers, called.”

“I was talking to Kerri Green, and of course tonight Jeff Cohen, who is my entertainment lawyer [and played Chunk in the film], is here with me. He was in the audience. I owe all of them so much. Every single one of them is so happy. Sean [Astin] reached out, Josh [Brolin], Martha [Plimpton], and we are always bonded. We’re family forever. Goonies never say die” he added.

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