Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

The most gruesome scene in the series is when Park Yeon Jin burns a character with a curling iron

South Korean actress Shin Ye Eun shares her filming experience from the Netflix series The Glory. The actress gained a lot of attention for her acting as the younger version of the show’s antagonist.

One of the most gruesome scenes in the series is when Park Yeon Jin burns the main character with a hot curling iron. The actress revealed in an episode from The Omniscient Point of View that the episode was just as hard to film as it was to watch.

“It’s acting, and honestly we all film knowing that we’re only acting. But in that moment, like you just think, “what am I doing?” It was a cold curling rod anyway that I was holding up to her, but the actress was crying her eyes out. So I just thought like, “what am I doing?” and I ended up getting an outtake like that. When I went home, I ended up having nightmares.”

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