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Millions of people still need to submit tax returns by January 31 deadline

Some 3.4 million people still need to submit their tax return, with a week left until the self assessment deadline.

Nearly 8.7 million taxpayers have already filed their return, according to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Myrtle Lloyd, director general for customer services at HMRC said: “Time is running out for millions of people who still need to file their self-assessment and pay any tax owed.

“There’s no need for customers to call us, they can save time and search ‘self assessment’ on for a wealth of information and resources to help them complete their tax return.”

Those who miss the deadline face an initial £100 penalty, followed by further potential fines.

People who are unable to pay what they owe in full, may be able to set up a payment plan, allowing them to spread the cost into manageable monthly instalments.

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