Mon. Mar 6th, 2023

Meghan Markle warned father Thomas about his ‘false’ stories on media

Meghan Markle wanted to resolve issues with her father ahead of wedding day.

The Duchess of Sussex’s father, who had allegedly conspired with the media to sell stories about daughter, was asked about the veracity of the rumours by the ‘Suits’ star.

Explaining the incident, Prince Harry pens in memoir ‘Spare’: “The Mail on Sunday is going to run a story saying that Meg’s father has been working with the paps and, for money, has staged some candid photos. We immediately phoned Meg’s dad, told him what was coming. We asked if it was true.”

Harry continues: “Had he staged a bunch of candid photos for money? No. Meg said: We might be able to kill this story, Daddy, but if it turns out you’re lying, we’ll never be able to kill a false story about ourselves, or our children, again. So this is serious. You must tell us the truth. He swore that he’d never staged any photos, that he hadn’t taken part in any such charade, that he didn’t know the pap in question. Meg whispered to me: I believe him.”

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