Tue. Mar 7th, 2023

Meghan Markle ensured father was in ‘better place mentally’ after media attacks

Meghan Markle stayed with her father through thick and thin against the media, says Prince Harry.

Writing in memoir ‘Spare’, Harry reveals his then-girlfriend ‘constantly’ worried about her father.

Harry pens: “Meg had to spend months trying to soothe her father. There was always something new that he’d read about himself, something derogatory he’d taken to heart. His pride was constantly wounded. Every day there was another humiliating photo in the papers. Thomas Markle buying a new loo. Thomas Markle buying a six-pack. Thomas Markle with his belly hanging over his belt.”

Harry and Meghan empathized with Thomas, they admitted.

“We understood. Meg told him we knew how he felt. The press, the paps, they were awful. Impossible to totally ignore what’s written, she acknowledged. But please do try to ignore them in person. Ignore anyone who approaches, Daddy. Be on guard against anyone who pretends to be your best friend. He seemed to be listening. He started to sound as if he was in a better place, mentally,” Harry said.

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