Meghan, Harry ‘must be disappointed in themselves’ amid ‘boring’ work

Meghan, Harry ‘must be disappointed in themselves’ amid ‘boring’ work

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been slammed for continuing their ‘boring’ work as they allegedly ‘cling on to the royals’.

Royal commentator Angela Levin recently opened up on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s experiences within the Firm, noting that they are risking people will get bored.

The author of Camilla: From Outcast to Queen Consort told Express.co.uk, “I think it’s extremely boring, if that’s the only way they can earn money, by complaining and behaving like victims, I feel very sorry for them.

“If that’s all they got to sell, I think they must be disappointed in themselves. They haven’t really moved on, I imagine, in the way they wanted,” he added.

“They wanted freedom, they wanted their own money – they were given that opportunity and yet they are clinging on to the royals but in a very negative way.

“It’s a very peculiar way to continue your life like that, you need to move on,” the expert said.

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