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Kylie Jenner leaves fans upset over son name: ‘It’s still Wolf’

Kylie Jenner leaves fans upset over son name: ‘It’s still Wolf’ 

Kylie Jenner sparked reactions after she failed to reveal the name of her nine-month-old son in the season finale of The Kardashians.

The reality TV star said that her baby’s name is still Wolf Webster legally as she could not decide on a new moniker for him.

“My baby’s name is still Wolf. I’ll let you guys know when I change it. Maybe I’ll tell you guys in Season 3,” Kylie says with a wink in the confessional.

After the episode aired on Hulu, fans took to Twitter to express their views about the situation with one writing, “Now what (expletive) was that.”

“Ughhhh still no baby names this season… im getting bored,” another fan wrote as one tweeted, “@kyliejenner is teasing us.”

“@KylieJenner me thinking we were finally gonna find out your sons name you were rally like… Sike I can’t wait and I’m so happy for you,” one tweet read.

Previously, in an interview with James Corden on The Late Late Show, the 25-year-old makeup mogul admitted that she has not “officially, legally changed the name.”

Kylie later told Corden: “His name is still Wolf, his passport is Wolf, but that isn’t gonna be his name. We’re just waiting and simmering. We don’t call him Wolf.”

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