Fri. Mar 17th, 2023

The Duke of Edinburgh title will revert to the Crown when Prince Edward dies and the same could happen with Prince Harry’s Sussex title, said a report in the British media.

Speaking on his Palace Confidential show, Richard Eden said the monarch could prevent Archie from inheriting Prince Harry’s Duke of Sussex title.

The British journalist said the King could “have a trick up his sleeve” after Harry made the decision to give his children formal title.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said their children will use the titles of Prince and Princess after the christening of their daughter Lilibet.

Eden said, “I have heard it said that part of the reason is that the King wants to stop Archie inheriting that title the Duke of Sussex. So this might be part of that, so he has now set that precedent.”

He also said that King Charles didn’t want to give his brother the title of of the Duke of Edinburgh as part of his plan to slim down the monarchy, he had to announce the title for Edward after Harry and Meghan said their children will use the titles of Prince and Princess.

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