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King Charles blasted for flaunting ‘gold plates’ online amid UK living crisis

King Charles and his royal staff are being called out for ‘flaunting’ the royal family’s gold cutlery and servingware ahead of the South African President Ramaphosa’s visit earlier this week, amid the UK’s continuing cost-pf-living crisis.

The criticism came from royal expert Daniela Elser who, in a piece for News AU, said that the royal social media team’s decision to showcase the Palace’s gold tableware seemed insensitive, especially in the same week as Jeremy Hunt, Chancellor of Exchequer, announced $98 billion in tax rises in the UK.

Taking a sarcastic tone, Elser wrote: “Last week the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer (basically their treasurer) Jeremy Hunt announced $98 billion in tax rises… Brits are facing a winter that will see average power bills rise to more than $5370…Therefore, this obviously makes it the perfect time to showcase the Palace’s collection of gold servingware!”

Elser then referenced the videos shared on the Royal Family’s Instagram account last week showcasing Palace chefs prepping for the South African delegation’s visit, before slamming them.

She said: “Okay, sure, there is a case to be made here that Brits are proud of all the pomp and ceremony… But is this the moment to decide to pull back the curtain a bit on the unthinkable level of ostentation of big royal occasions…”

“Or the unthinkable level of resources that go into such extraneous things as sugar flowers or gold-bedecked bridles? Is that a risk that Charles can or should be taking at such a precarious moment?” Elser questioned.

“The king is entering a new reputational phase of his reign with the lingering, hangover of affection for Queen Elizabeth drying up and the novelty factor of Charles in charge waning. It’s time for His Majesty to show the UK what he is made of and what sort of monarch he is going to be,” the royal expert concluded. 

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