K-pop group NMIXX’s Haewon discusses former member for the first time

Haewon expressed their goals for the new album

K-pop group NMIXX’s Haewon brings up ex-band member Jinni for the first time since her removal. They held a showcase on March 20th for their upcoming album Expérgo, which is their first mini-album.

While promoting the album, Haewon expressed their goals for the new album, explaining: “We will show a more mature and colorful side through this promotion. Please be on the lookout for us.”

She was then asked about Jinni’s absence and this being their first comeback as a six member group. Haewon admitted that they’re trying to find their identity in the new situation and requested fans to continue supporting them:

“We have been working towards finding and deepening our identities as NMIXX. Also, I trust that the fans will continue to love and support NMIXX as a six-member group.”

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