Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Royal experts warn Prince Harry’s memoir Spare has truly banked in on the ‘soap opera pull’ the Royal Family’s always banked on for its survival.

This admission has been issued by writer Pauline Maclaran in a piece for the New Zealand Herald.

There, she wrote, “As one of the world’s most famous brands, the British royal family has a strong, tailored narrative of patronages, pageantry and people.”

“The monarchy has long demonstrated its value in contemporary consumer culture, and kept its buyers engaged.”

“But what sets the royal family apart from other corporate brands is its individual, and often uncontrollable, human elements.”

“The narratives that they (or the media) create can produce what then Prince Charles once referred to as a ‘soap opera’.”

So “With history repeating itself – at least when it comes to royal public drama – the soap opera effect is again in full swing,” she added before concluding. 

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