Sat. Mar 4th, 2023

Lucas has been on hiatus since 2021

Fans of K-pop group NCT’s Lucas are demanding an update from his agency SM Entertainment about his future as a performer. Fans are upset following his return to social media after a long break.

The idol has been on hiatus since 2021 when accusations of gaslighting were made against him. As a result, he halted all activities and was out of the public eye until recently when he appeared on social media. Fans grew hopeful thinking the appearances were hinting at him returning as an active member of WayV.

He was included as part of the group in a recent video from their agency, and he was even tagged in a tweet with the co-CEO of SM Entertainment Lee Sung Soo. The now-deleted tweet received mixed reactions, with some fans being excited at his return while others were angry because of the allegations against him.

Due to the ambiguity around the situation, fans are demanding that SM give a clear statement about the allegations and the idol’s plans for the future.

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