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Delivery room camera captures father’s emotional reaction to wife’s ‘scariest’ experience giving birth

Delivery room camera captures father’s emotional reaction to wife’s ‘scariest’ experience giving birth

A delivery room camera captured a father’s emotional reaction to his wife’s “scariest” experience when giving birth to their child.

In March 2021, Sheri, @sherinicole455, posted a video of her daughter’s birth on her TikTok. The footage showed the woman’s husband standing next to her in the delivery room, as she was on a hospital bed.

Sheri also explained that her baby didn’t cry when she was born and called this the “scariest silence of [her] life”. She went on to detail the birthing experience and what her baby looked like, at first, when born.

“We lost her heartbeat while I was pushing,” the mother wrote in the text over the video. “She was blue and completely lifeless.”

The clip continued to show the father looking at his wife, with tears in his eyes, while they waited to hear their baby cry. Once the newborn began to cry, Sheri’s husband put his head in his hands and continued to cry.

Sheri proceeded to describe how meaningful this moment was for her, before praising her daughter.

“The most relieving sound in the world,” she wrote about the baby’s cry. “Emery Jane, you were so worth the wait.”

In the comments of the clip, which has more than 5m views, Sheri shared more details about how her spouse felt before hearing their child cry for the first time.

“I felt so bad when I looked over and saw him crying,” she wrote. “He told me after he was trying to stay calm because he didn’t want to scare me.”

When Sheri reposted the viral video to her TikTok in August, many viewers went to the comments to praise her husband and express how emotional they got over his response to the birth.

“Your husband had me crying from the start,” one wrote, while another added: “I literally could feel dad not breathing. So glad to hear little one cry.”

A third person added: “The relief and gratefulness I see in him says it all.”

Other TikTok users acknowledged how much they resonated with Sheri’s video and some of the feelings she had when welcoming her child.

“Oh my mama heart is crying! Best sound in the world. Longest silence of your life. I’ll never forget them telling her happy birthday baby and mama!” one wrote.

“As a labour nurse, the pause before they cry makes our heart stop too,” another wrote.

In August, Sheri shared another emotional video of her husband during the birth of their second child, earlier this year. The clip showed him crying into his hands and bent down, next to his wife’s bed.

She also shared opened up about the birthing experience in the text over the video, writing: “I progressed quickly and had to deliver without an epidural. She was a month early…purple and had a hard time breathing right away.”

“But that first cry,” she added, along with footage from the delivery camera. “My husband has the biggest heart. He loves his girls.”

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