Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

David Letterman calls out Tom Cruise for bypassing Oscars

“Where was Tom Cruise?” was the question on David Letterman’s mind when he visited Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The TV host and comedian said: “Here’s something that’s a little sensitive: Tom Cruise,” Letterman said. “Where was Tom Cruise?”

Letterman was commenting about the Top Gun: Maverick actor’s absence from the Oscars 2023.

Even with Top Gun: Maverick earning six Academy Award nominations alongside Cruise, in his capacity as one of the film’s producers, the veteran star missed the 2023 Academy Awards ceremony.

Reports indicated Cruise could not attend because he was shooting the “Mission: Impossible” sequel in Italy. However the actor was in London two days after the Oscars to attend Michael Caine’s 90th birthday party. The actor also attended the Oscars Nominees Luncheon in February, reports Variety.

“We don’t know where Tom Cruise was,” Kimmel who hosted the latest awards ceremony answered.

“We heard production issues.”

“What does that mean?” Letterman asked. “That’s nonsense.”

“Exactly. It’s very non-specific,” Kimmel said. “But we have no idea what happened.”

Letterman went on to say that Cruise “should’ve been” at the Oscars “celebrating his big jet pack Maverick show.”

“Yeah. It seems like he should’ve been there, but he was not there. Maybe he feels like he wasn’t going to win so he didn’t want to come.”

“But between you and me, he should have been there right?” Letterman then asked Kimmel.

“Yeah of course,” Kimmel answered. “He’s the prince of Hollywood.”

“More to the power of your success,” Letterman added. “If Mr. Big Shot was not there, the show was still never more successful. Nice going, Jimmy.”

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