David Foster shares adorable video of toddler son Rennie playing drum: Says ‘He’s Finding His Groove’ on the Drums

David Foster raved about toddler son Rennie for skillfully playing the drum in a recent video he shared on Instagram.

On Sunday, January 22, David Foster shared a video on Instagram of his little son Rennie impressively exploring a high hat cymbal pedal while tapping on his drumset.

As per People, the music producer captioned the video, “Finding his groove. 23 months [ a drum emoji].”

Celebrity friends expressed their amazement in the comments section, with Kate Hudson writing, “Amazing! Reminds me of Bingo then,” Bingo is the pet name for Hudson’s eleven-year-old son Bingham, of whom she talked about also picking up the drums at an early age.

David’s 40-year-old daughter Erin quipped in the comments section, “We get it, your son got all of the musical talent I didn’t!!”

Katherine McPhee had earlier spoken of her son’s love for instruments, “It makes sense that he’d be musical,” the Smash star told the outlet. “He’s certainly obsessed with the drums! Or imaginary drums, for that matter.”

Check it out:

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