Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Criminologist studies murderer mindsets in ABC’s ‘The Lesson Is Murder’

Criminologist studies murderer mindsets in ABC’s ‘The Lesson Is Murder’

True-crime docuseries are all the rage at the moment. ABC’s latest series The Lesson Is Murder falls right in line with the trend.

The News Studios’ latest series is set at Hulu and follows a criminology professor and former FBI Special Agent Dr. Bryanna Fox.

Professor Fox dives into the psychology of killers to find out why they kill. She teaches a class to train the next generation of criminologists.

Fox and her team of graduates study three different murderers and interview them on record in the upcoming documentary series, launching on March 23.

The subjects include serial killer Will Davis, a former nurse convicted of killing four patients, Robert Fratta, a former suburban Houston police officer who was executed for hiring hit men to kill his wife and Ivié DeMolina, who was found guilty of leading a series of robberies that killed two people.

The Lesson Is Murder is produced in collaboration with Lone Wolf Media. Beth Hoppe and Lisa Q. Wolfinger, Shawn Cuddy, and Rushmore DeNooyer are executive producers are behind the project.

ABC News Studios also launched three new True-Crime series in January 2023 on Hulu — Death in the Dorms, Web of Death and Killing County.

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