Confused Princess Charlotte asks innocent question about Queen from George

Prince Charlotte and Prince George paid their respects to Queen Elizabeth II on her funeral.

Prince William’s kids, who were spotted somber during the final rites of their ‘Gan Gan’, were widely praised for their behaviour.

However, owing to their young ages, there were moments when the brother and sister brought forwards their antics.

According to lip reader Jeremy Freeman, at one such instant, Charlotte pointed towards Her Majesty’s coffin as she asked George: “What’s under there? Is it so she doesn’t slip out?”

While the brother-sister duo was praised for their stoic demeanor at the funeral, many felt sorry for the children, who had to witness the heartbreaking moment at such an early stage of their lives.

“I really feel for Prince George and Princess Charlotte, so young to take this in and everyone is exhausted,” a second wrote on Twitter.

Another wrote: “Poor Princess Charlotte, such a long day saying goodbye to her beloved Gan Gan. She would be so proud of you sweetheart!”

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