CBSE Board Exams 2023: Important Topics and Tips to Score High in Class 12 Mathematics

The CBSE class 12 board examination is one of the most crucial phases in a student’s academic career that can be considered as the final battle which will shape his/her career in higher education. Thereby, most students remain stressed about how to prepare efficiently to come out with flying colours. Following some guidelines and steps to prepare for the finals may reduce stress and help students achieve the desired score.

Here are some of the topics, chapters, and tips that must be kept in prior consideration while preparing for mathematics in the class 12 board examinations.

Important Topics

Among the important topics include:

— Equivalence Relation (Relation & Function)

— One-One and Onto Function

— Principal Value Branch (Inverse Trigonometry)

— Equality in two Matrices (Matrix)

— Solution of system of Linear equation by Matrix method

— Continuity at a point

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— Differentiation of Parametric function, using logarithm and second derivatives

— Increasing and decreasing Maxima & Minima (Application of derivatives)

— Integration

— Special Integrals

— Partial Fractions

— Integration by parts

— Properties of definite Integrals

— Area under parabola, lines, and Circles (Application of integration)

— Linear equations homogeneous differential equation (Differential Equation)

— Vectors

— Scalar product of two Vectors

— Vector Product of Two vectors

— Equation of line/ Shortest distance

— Probability

— Conditional Probability

— Baye’s theorem

— Independent events

Important Chapters

Matrices and determinants – 10 Marks

Calculus – 35 Marks

Vector & 3D- 14 Marks

Probability- 08 Marks

Relations & Functions- 08 Marks

Weightage According to Chapters: Total Marks- 80

Unit I – Relation & Function – 08 Marks

— Relations

— Functions

— Inverse Trigonometric function

Unit II- Algebra: 10 Marks

— Matrices

— Determinants

— Unit III- Calculus- 35 Marks

— Continuity & Differentiability

— Application of Derivation

— Integration

— Application of Integration

— Differential Equation

Unit IV- Vectors – 14 Marks

— Three dimensional Geometry

Unit V: Linear Programming – 05 Marks

Unit VI: Probability – 08 Marks

Preparation Tips

The class 12 board examinations are based on the syllabus and the books of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and students need to have a deep understanding of it while preparing for the low difficulty level questions. Application of direct formulas and focus on calculations are the primary areas to cover while preparing for basic level questions.

To prepare effectively for high difficulty level mathematics, there must be conceptual clarity and students must thoroughly study every chapter of the NCERT books, while repeatedly practising extra questions and competency-based questions.

Clarity of the fundamental mathematical operations is the key at any stage of a student’s academic career. The understanding of the basic concepts of the subject must be done diligently and the formulas must be understood and memorized properly. Students must  keep practising questions and test their comprehension on a constant basis. They must repeatedly practise different questions related to a particular topic and assess through a self-evaluation.

— Authored by Alka Kapur, Principal, Modern Public School

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