The United Arab Emirates Is Heading for the Asteroid Belt

Building off the success of its Hope spacecraft, which is still circling and studying Mars, the United Arab Emirates announced on Monday plans for an ambitious follow-up mission: a grand tour of the asteroid belt. “The asteroid belt mission was the right amount of challenge,” said Sarah al-Amiri, chairwoman of the United Arab Emirates Space … Read more

Ian Hacking, Eminent Philosopher of Science and Much Else, Dies at 87

Ian Hacking, a Canadian philosopher widely hailed as a giant of modern thought for game-changing contributions to the philosophies of science, probability and mathematics, as well as his widely circulated insights on issues like race and mental health, died on May 10 at a retirement home in Toronto. He was 87. His daughter Jane Hacking … Read more

You’ve Never Heard of Him, but He’s Remaking the Pollution Fight

This spring the Biden administration proposed or implemented eight major environmental regulations, including the nation’s toughest climate rule, rolling out what experts say are the most ambitious limits on polluting industries by the government in a single season. Piloting all of that is a man most Americans have never heard of, running an agency that … Read more

AI education: Gather a better understanding of artificial intelligence with books, blogs, courses and more

Artificial intelligence has recently become a hot topic around the world as tech companies like Alibaba, Microsoft, and Google have released conversational chatbots that the everyday person can use. While we’re already using AI in our daily lives, often unknowingly, these forms of computer science are very interesting to a large population. Some are hoping … Read more