Shanghai records hottest May day in 100 years – Times of India

SHANGHAI: Shanghai recorded its hottest May day in 100 years on Monday, the city’s meteorological service announced, shattering the previous high by a full degree.Scientists say global warming is exacerbating adverse weather, with many countries experiencing deadly heatwaves and temperatures hitting records across Southeast and South Asia in recent weeks.“At 13:09, the temperature at Xujiahui … Read more

Study: Microorganisms’ ability to adapt to climate change may help to reduce global warming – Times of India

WASHINGTON: The capacity of microorganisms to adapt to climate change will lessen global warming by storing carbon in the soil, claims a recent study from Sweden’s Lund University.In the study, researchers collected soil samples from across Europe in a wide range of temperatures, from minus 3.1 to 18.3 degrees Celsius. The samples revealed that microorganisms … Read more

India aims to have People’s Biodiversity Register in every village, verification campaign launched in Goa | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: A national campaign for updation and verification of People’s Biodiversity Register was launched in Goa on Tuesday, marking a significant step towards the documentation and preservation of India’s rich biological diversity.The People’s Biodiversity Register (PBR) serves as a comprehensive record of various aspects of biodiversity, including the conservation of habitats, preservation of land … Read more

Trevi Fountain: Trevi Fountain water turns black in Rome climate protest – Times of India

ROME: Seven young activists protesting against climate change climbed into the Trevi Fountain in Rome on Sunday and poured diluted charcoal into the water to turn it black.The protesters from the “Ultima Generazione” (“Last Generation”) group held up banners saying “We won’t pay for fossil (fuels),” and shouted “our country is dying”.Uniformed police waded into … Read more

‘Warm ice age’ altered Earth’s climate cycles: Study – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Scientists say the simultaneous events of an exceptionally warm and moist period ushered in by a “warm ice age” approximately 7,00,000 years ago and the expansion of polar glaciers played a critical role in permanently altering the climate cycles on Earth.A European research team including Earth scientists from Heidelberg University, Germany, used recently … Read more

Flirting with climate danger: UN forecasts 2 in 3 chance of briefly hitting key heat limit soon – Times of India

WASHINGTON: There’s a two-out-of-three chance within the next five years that the world will temporarily reach the internationally accepted global temperature threshold for limiting the worst effects of climate change, a new World Meteorological Organisation report forecasts.It likely would only be a fleeting and less worrisome flirtation with the agreed-upon climate danger point, the United … Read more

Northwest: Early heat wave in Pacific Northwest could break records – Times of India

PORTLAND: An early May heat wave this weekend could surpass daily records in parts of the Pacific Northwest and worsen wildfires already burning in western Canada, a historically temperate region that has grappled with scorching summer temperatures and unprecedented wildfires fueled by climate change in recent years. “We’re looking at record-breaking temperatures,” said Miles Higa, … Read more

8-yr-old meets Sunak: 8-year-old climate change activist Aneeshwar Kunchala attends royal lunch, interacts with UK PM Rishi Sunak | TOI Original – Times of India Videos

May 09, 2023, 12:29PM ISTSource: Aneeshwar Kunchala, 8-year-old climate change activist was invited by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the ‘Coronation Big Lunch.’ Aneeshwar urged world leaders to involve children in policy making for safeguarding the environment and preserving nature. Aneeshwar told Sunak that he would like to attend the 2023 Conference of … Read more

Canada’s Alberta declares state of emergency over wildfires – Times of India

ALBERTA: Canadian province of Alberta on Saturday declared a provincial state of emergency after tens of thousands of Albertans have been forced to evacuate their homes as “unprecedented” wildfires rage on in Alberta, Premier Danielle Smith, head of the ruling United Conservative Party (UCP) said at a press conference.By Saturday at 5 pm Mountain Time … Read more

Intense debates needed to study increasing heatwaves, below normal monsoons, abnormally heating up of oceans | India News – Times of India

BATHINDA: There might be countless instances to show that climate change is here impacting lives, livelihoods, food production and much more, but a number of journalists from across the length and breadth of India having interest in studying changing climate patterns learnt it through two days at Bengaluru with presentations by experts of the subject. … Read more