​Cardiovascular health: Why women tend to miss risks of heart disease​

When it comes to identifying the risks associated with a heart disease, the female gender is at a greater disadvantage. There are several reasons behind it which we will be discussing in this article.

As per the World Health Organisation (WHO) data, close to 18 million people die due to heart complications each year. This data is alarming and hence makes it important for everyone to know more about heart diseases, the risks involved and to know the early symptoms that can help identify the disease and provide timely medical help.

We spoke to Dr. Gaurav Minocha, Director – Cardiology, Max Hospital, Vaishali who helped us understand why women are at more risk of dealing with cardiovascular complications.

“Heart disease in women is a common occurrence as in men however women seem to miss them and often present late to a doctor or emergency room,” says Dr Minocha.

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