Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Bella Ramsey shares first ‘awkward’ public encounter after being recognised as a star

Bella Ramsey has recently opened up about feeling “awkward” to be recognised in public for the first time.

During a latest episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Ramsey, who stars in the HBO hit series The Last of Us, was asked whether she “gets recognised by fans”.

To this, the Game of Thrones actress responded, “Yes I do. It’s more consistent, it’s more like every time I go out now.”

The actress continued, “Some people have panic attacks! It’s very overwhelming, I’d find it overwhelming seeing someone I knew on the street.”

Ramsey revealed that some encounters were “sweet”, however, some she had at “inappropriate” moments.

“I’ve not really had any bad experiences yet,” remarked the actress.

Ramsey pointed out, “But sometimes it’s awkward times when I’m eating my soup and I spill it all down me or when I’m waiting in line for the toilet at St Pancras station – that was the first time I got recognised.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ramsey also talked about her friendship with co-star Pedro Pascal.

Calling their friendship as “very real”, the actress added, “Imagine if it was all fake? I love him. I miss him. He’s in Los Angeles living his best life.”

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