CHINA: 22 tons of pig meat sold as halal to Muslims

In Shaanxi Province, Chinese police have discovered 22 tons of pork that was sold as certified halal (Islam-approved) beef. Muslims are forbidden from eating pork. This case, once again, demonstrates the lack of seriousness of the halal industry in Asia. The meat in question was sold in the city of Xi’an, a large town in

Wow! Unhinged Cory Booker says releasing FISA memo is TREASONOUS!!!

Cory Booker showed that the irresponsible irrational exaggeration for the sake of partisan gain is as strong on the left as it is on the right with this comment about the possible release of the FISA memo. Watch below: I happen to think both sides are exaggerating ridiculously, but this really seems irresponsible. He doesn’t


We got the comedian leaving the Laugh Factory Tuesday night in WeHo and asked him about Trump‘s first State of the Union address. GLo laughed it off, but then got serious about the DREAM Act — which would allow undocumented children of immigrants to go to school, work and eventually become U.S. residents. Seems like George had

GOP lawmaker calls for FBI, DOJ officials to face ‘treason’ charges

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) said on Friday that the House intelligence memo on alleged FBI malfeasance showed “clear and convincing evidence of treason” by law enforcement officials, despite lingering concerns in the intelligence community over its credibility. Republicans seized on the White House’s decision to approve the public disclosure of the disputed document, compiled by

Top 10 Nazi Collaborators Who Were Jews

When we talk of Nazi Collaborators we are not usually referring to Jews. When we think of the Holocaust, we often imagine that the Germans were solely responsible for the identification and deportation of Jews and others to the death camps. The truth, however, is that a number of Jews worked under the Nazis and